Shikoku EV Week 2002

Outline of the event and advertisement for participants



gSHIKOKU EV Challenge 2000 Committeeh will held gSHIKOKU EV Week 2002h
to  appeal for environmental protection of the earth and popularization of
low-emission-vehicle, e.g. Electric Vehicle, particularly in gSHIKOKUh region.

gSHIKOKU EV Week 2002h plans  following events.
(1) SHIKOKU EV Rally 2002  (2) SHIKOKU EV gEKIDENh 2002  (3) Events for audience

Regarding these events, we are now building up battery charge network in SHIKOKU region.

We hope many people to support our activities and to join in these events.


The documents for participants of gSHIKOKU EV Rally 2002h
Special Regulation      Entry Sheet          Entry Vehicle       Written Oath
(Sorry, they are written in Japanese only. If you need some support, please contact us.)


The documents for participants of  SHIKOKU EV gEKIDENh
Introduction for gEKIDENh


Outline of SHIKOKU EV Rally 2002
Date 24th August(Sat.) ` 25th August(Sun.)
Location Niihama National College of Technology and public roads within radius of approximately 30 Km of the college
Details of the event

(1) Distance Competition
(2) Acceleration and Braking Competition ( It will be held in the special track )
(3) Fuel Consumption Competition

Participation in the competitions and Commendation Participants will be expected to join the all competitions. Commendation will be held for the each competition.

Outline of the SHIKOKU EV gEKIDENh
Date 19th August(Mon.)`23rd August(Fri.), and 25th August(Sun.)`30th August(Fri.)
Location The whole region of SHIKOKU
Details of the event Participants can use battery chargers which will be set at the side of main public roads in the whole region of SHIKOKU. Location of battery chargers (At this moment, locations are not fixed. Maybe final location will be changed.) Maybe more battery chargers will be set. Battery chargers can be used between 19th August to 30th August. Time will be from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. approximately. Each participant is required to make driving schedule and battery charge plan before the event. For example, drive around SHIKOKU region, drive around 88 temples and make a round trip between KOHCHI and NIIHAMA. If participants use car ferry from KANSAI, KANTOH or KYUSHU, they can join this event by driving their own EV from their home. The organizer will check the driving schedule for the each participant to avoid overlap of battery charge time. Within the event period, control center will be opened. It will adjust requests for battery charge location change or charge timing change of each participant. This time, EV gEKIDENh is kind of trial. It is up to Participants to join this or not. As a chance, the organizer will ask to some participants donft join this event by the organizer's circumstances.
Participation in this competition and Commendation Among participants in the gSHIKOKU EV Rally 2002h , some-team who hope to entry this event can entry this. The organizer will give gApprovalh after the event to the participants who will have achieved each target.